Robert is currently undergoing some health issues. For up-to-date information, check the blog his son started by clicking on the New York Presbyterian logo above, Jewish Home logo above, or here

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The home of Berbecs on the Internet. If you're a Berbec, write us, and we'll be happy to let you in on our site.

Above you you see the three males of the Berbec family: from left to right, it's Pete, Robert, and Peter. As you can tell, good looks run in the family.

Peter (email), a high-school graduate, is living in New York City. He currently is fully occupied taking care of his father and loving his wife, Joycelyn. He drives the train and enjoys bragging about his e-mail address. You can read about his recovering alcoholism at the same blog about his dad's health above, or by clicking on the icon to the right

Robert (email), also a high-school graduate, lives in New York City. He works as a music producer (on his PC) in his spare time, and for money, spends his retirement check from some big computer company. He enjoys the arts environment in this great city: Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA, the Film Forum, etc... His website containing thoughts, reviews, recipies and more may be accessed throught his picture, left.

Pete, yet a third high-school graduate, passed away in December 2008. Click on his picture to head to his web site and read about his life. >

Joycelyn (email), a NOCCA graduate, is currently living with her husband in New York City. She is a professionaly trained dancer, singer, actress, tapper to name a few. She is obviously the most insane of the Berbecs, as she decided to become one instead of being saddled with the name from birth.

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